DIAGLYC (2017-2021)

DIAGLYC is a research and development project supported by AST (Aquitaine Science Transfert) which stems from a long-lasting pluridisciplinary collaboration between electronics researchers (IMS, Univ. Bordeaux), cell biology researchers (CBMN, Univ. Bordeaux), and clinicians (CHU Bordeaux, Univ. Bordeaux)

DIAGLYC proposes a novel paradigm in measuring the real-time need for insulin in Type I Diabetic patients. Based on a patented hybrid biosensor technology, DIAGLYC aims at developing a novel biosensor which makes use of pancreatic islets to measure the physiological need for insulin, exhaustively taking into account the natural mediators of glucose homeostasis, such as nutrients and hormones.

The developed biosensor may become the heart of a wearable artificial pancreas device, helping closed-loop regulation of glucose in diabetic patients with an improved physiological relevance.

Main publications:

  • Olçomendy, L., Cassany, L., Pirog, A., Franco, R., Puginier, E., Jaffredo, M., … & Cieslak, J. (2022). Towards the integration of an islet-based biosensor in closed-loop therapies for patients with type 1 diabetes. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 13, 455.
  • Olçomendy, L., Pirog, A., Bornat, Y., Cieslak, J., Gucik-Derigny, D., Henry, D., … & Renaud, S. (2020, July). Tuning of an Artificial Pancreas Controller: an in silico methodology based on clinically-relevant criteria. In 2020 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC) (pp. 2544-2547). IEEE.
  • Olçomendy, L., Pirog, A., Lebreton, F., Jaffredo, M., Cassany, L., Derigny, D. G., … & Renaud, S. (2021). Integrating an Islet-Based Biosensor in the Artificial Pancreas: In Silico Proof-of-Concept. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 69(2), 899-909.

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