A2M (Atelier des Microondes sur la Matière) is a transfer cell

Characterising, heating and controlling materials using microwaves

For more than 15 years, A2M has been providing companies with scientific expertise and equipment to analyse the interaction between matter and electromagnetic waves and to develop the industrial uses of microwaves

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Development of non-destructive testing devices using microwaves.

Characterization on a wide frequency range (DC to 110 GHz) of materials (homogeneous, heterogeneous media, conductive polymers, ceramics, carbon nanotubes): permittivity, permeability, conductivity, stealth ....

Electromagnetic and thermal modeling and optimization of complex structures and heating and microwave devices



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A2M (Atelier des Microondes sur la Matière) est une cellule de transfert

Caractériser, chauffer et contrôler les matériaux grâce aux microondes

Depuis plus de 15 ans, A2M apporte aux entreprises l’expertise scientifique et les équipements pour analyser les interactions matière/ondes électromagnétiques et développer les usages industriels des microondes

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