Organics electronics

Organic Electronics

The Organic Electronics and Organic Microsystems (named “Organic” in the flowchart IMS) was created in June 2012 to merge the electro-optical and electro-mechanical aspects of organic materials . All the group is located at the ENSCBP graduate school since January 2013. The “Organic” group aims to print the active components (electronic, optical and mechanical) with organic compounds and / or hybrid.

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Organic Electronics

Institutional context

The Organic Electronics and Microsystems Research Group (named « ORGANIC GROUP » in the flowchart of IMS laboratory) was created in June 2012.  Our group consists of materials scientists, physicists, and electrical engineers. We also work in strong collaboration with chemists to develop new materials and new devices. 

Scientific presentation

Our main interests focus on the electro-optical and electro-mechanical aspects of organic materials. Research activities in the group include modeling, design, fabrication and characterization of organic electronic devices. The devices being developed within the ELORGA and TAMIS platforms are :

Organics electronics research group

Organic Electronics skills

The skills of the “Organic” group are focused on the integration of organic active materials in electronic devices and on the understanding of the phenomena governing the physical components. 

Human Factor Engineering

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Collaborations and partners

For the various research projects underway, the IMS Bordeaux laboratory and its teams rely on strong partnerships and collaborations, which allow for the creation of a synergy of strengths and a sharing of technical and human resources


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Industrial partners


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Research group publications

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VOSviewer / Keyword co-occurrence clustering view
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Presentation of the organics electronics research activities of the Elorga team Organic electronics is a rapidly growing field that aims to develop and commercialize electronic devices made from organic semiconductors. This technology has been evolving since the 1980s, and it has now become a distinct discipline. Organic electronics has several objectives, including the development of […]
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Presentation of the organics electronics research activities of the PRIMS team The PRIMS team is part of the Electronics and Organic Microsystems group (called ORGANICS in the IMS organization chart), created in June 2012. The ambition of the PRIMS team is to design, print, characterise and optimise Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) made of essentially organic or […]
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Résumé en français
Le groupe Électronique et Microsystèmes Organiques (dénommé ORGANIQUE dans l’organigramme de l’IMS) a été créé en juin 2012 afin de favoriser le rapprochement des équipes ELORGA et PRIMS focalisées sur les aspects électro-optiques et électro-mécaniques respectivement. Pour résumer en une phrase, le groupe ORGANIQUE a pour ambition de concevoir, d’imprimer, de caractériser et d’optimiser des composants (électroniques, optiques et mécaniques) constitués de matériaux essentiellement organiques ou hybrides.

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