Circuit design

Circuit design

The Circuit design group of the IMS Laboratory relies on three teams (known as CAS, HSC and NSC) dedicated to analog, RF and digital circuit design. It forms a powerful complementary work force to provide fully integrated solutions to complex electronic systems. This team consists of 8 Professors, 11 Associate Professors, 15 PhD students, 1 IGE, 1 IR and 1 secretary.

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Electronic design

Major activities and highlights

Electronic design equipment

Circuit Design skills

Electronic design for signal processing implementation, either in digital or analog domain

Algorithm Architecture Adequation

Research group publications

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Circuits and Systems Team We design integrated circuits for applications “Circuits and Systems” Team (CAS) has research activities in RFIC design. Dr. François RIVET is the head of the team. It is composed of 3 faculties, 8 Ph.D. students, 2 engineers, and 3 master students. CAS Team is an application-oriented research team: Communications (RF, mmW, […]
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Presentation of the Electronic design research activities of the CSH team The CSH team focuses its research on different themes Design of active RF and microwave integrated circuits with their associated control and reconfigurability systems Permanent staff involved: E. Kerhervé, N. Deltimple, T. Taris, A. Ghiotto, JM Pham PhD students involved: Gabrielle Guitton, Fabien Mesquita, […]
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Axis 1: Design of mixed architectures The research activities developed in this area concern the study, design and implementation of digital systems within mixed components. The main objective of this work is to relax the design constraints in the analog domain, constraints linked to the speed-accuracy compromise. Axis 2: Design of dedicated architectures The study, […]
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Characterisation, measurement techniques The technologies studied, whether advanced or emerging, need to be characterised in order to extract their performance (extraction of figures of merit), as well as to extract model parameters. Several types of spike measurements can be performed. RF characterisation up to 500 GHz RF on-wafer measurements require the use of off-wafer and on-wafer calibration techniques adapted to frequency bands […]
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Résumé en français

Le groupe de conception électronique du laboratoire IMS s’appuie sur trois équipes (CAS, HSC et NSC) dédiées à la conception de circuits analogiques, RF et numériques. Il constitue une force de travail complémentaire puissante pour fournir des solutions entièrement intégrées à des systèmes électroniques complexes. Cette équipe est composée de 8 professeurs, 11 professeurs associés, 15 doctorants, 1 IGE, 1 IR et 1 secrétaire.

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