The BioElectronics Department was set up in 2009. This original research group comprises researchers in electronics, biophysics and biology on the same floor of the building. Another original aspect is its Living Sciences Platform facilities, which are available to researchers and teachers throughout the University of Bordeaux.   Our research is pluridisciplinary at the interface of physics, electronics, biology and medicine.

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Bioelectronics research theme

Presentation of the bioelectronics research theme

The BioElectronics Department is composed of three research groups: SANE (Health & Environment), TIPS (Innovative Technology For Health) and 2HC (Hybrid Hardware Computing – former IA team).

Although each research group has its own research projects, the three groups work towards a common goal to develop “real-time closed-loop solutions dedicated to biological and human applications”. The close-loop paradigm involves three steps :

Bioelectronics skills



Adaptive stimulation

Frugal AI

Embedded real-time computation

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Modeling of electronic/living interfaces

Biosignal recording, biomarker extraction

Event-based computation

Analog and mixed integrated circuit design

Research group publications

VOSviewer / Keyword co-occurrence clustering view
VOSviewer / Keyword co-occurrence clustering view
Biblioshiny / Country collaboration map
Biblioshiny / Country collaboration map

All Teams

Discover the different research teams in the theme.


An approach called “biomimetic” where the goal is to imitate the electrical activity of biological neural networks by using models from computational neuroscience. These artificial spiking neurons are connected with biological neurons to study living systems and/or to design solutions for rehabilitation in response to a deficit in a population of neurons in a living […]
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Detailed presentation of the research activities of the SANE team SANE was primarily the bioelectromagnetism team of the bioelectronics group created in 1989 by the École Pratique des Hautes Études. The team has focused on the study of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields on animals and cells. It is made up of biologists and biophysicists, […]
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Presentation of the bioeletronic research activities of the TIPS team The TIPS teams address Health Technologies by focusing on the bioelectronics interface (recording and stimulation) but also biological signal processing and biomimetic artificial systems. Several fields of exploration then opened up involving neuronal, muscular tissues, pancreatic or cardiac cells. The TIPS team made the strategic […]
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Résumé en français

Le groupe BioElectronique s’est formé en 2009, rassemblant deux thématiques préalablement existantes (Bioélectromagnétisme et Réseaux de Neurones sur Silicium) à l’IMS. Ses membres ont été rassemblés sur un site unique en 2013. Le groupe est maintenant structurée en trois équipes (Bioélectromagnétisme, BIOEM;  Électronique à l’Interface avec la Biologie, ELIBIO ;  Hybrid Hardware Computing, 2HC), dont les chercheurs et enseignant-chercheurs relèvent de l’INSIS, mais aussi de l’INB.

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