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Association of a fractional order controller with an optimal model-based approach for a robust, safe and high performing control of nonlinear systems Lien HAL : Two-stage automatic diagnosis of Flavescence Dorée based on proximal imaging and artificial intelligence: a multi-year and multi-variety experimental study Lien HAL : Design of The CRONE Automatic Headlight Leveling System Lien HAL : A (0.75-1.13)mW and (2.4-5.2)ps RMS jitter Integer-N based Dual-Loop PLL for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning in 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology Lien HAL : BIMMS: A versatile and portable system for biological tissue and electrode-tissue interface electrical characterization Lien HAL : New and updated convex shape models of asteroids based on optical data from a large collaboration network Lien HAL : Noise analysis in a seeded four-wave mixing process generated in a photonic crystal fiber pumped by a chirped pulse Lien HAL : Tunnel résonnant et effets d'électrons chauds dans les structures à double barrière : synthèse Lien HAL : Optimizing the location selection of urban consolidation centers with sustainability considerations in the city of Bordeaux Lien HAL : Towards new challenges for entrepreneurship and innovation management Lien HAL : A Novel Reverberation Chamber for In Vitro Bioelectromagnetic Experiments at 3.5 GHz Lien HAL : Effects of 5G-modulated 3.5 GHz radiofrequency field exposures on HSF1, RAS, ERK, and PML activation in live fibroblasts and keratinocytes cells Lien HAL : Theories for design and analysis of robust H ∞ / H − fault detectors Lien HAL : Formation Optimization for Multiple UAVs by Considering Constrained Effectiveness and Attitude Coupling Tracking Lien HAL : Tracing kinematic (mis)alignments in CALIFA merging galaxies Lien HAL : SPICE Modeling in Verilog-A for Photo-Response in UTC-Photodiodes Targeting Beyond-5G Circuit Design Lien HAL : Development of a high accuracy and stability test bench for ageing measurement of 16 nm FinFETs based FPGA Lien HAL : Selective modification of a native protein in a patient tissue homogenate using palladium nanoparticles Lien HAL : Experiment design for elementary fractional models Lien HAL : A Fixed-Lag Particle Filter for the Joint Detection/Compensation of Interference Effects in GPS Navigation Lien HAL : Fractional derivative truncation approximation for real-time applications Lien HAL : A 3.2 GHz Injection-Locked Ring Oscillator-Based Phase-Locked-Loop for Clock Recovery Lien HAL : A Block-based LMS using the Walsh Transform for Digital Predistortion of Power Amplifiers Lien HAL : Improved stability of organic electrochemical transistor performance with a low swelling mixed conducting polymer: a comparative study with PEDOT:PSS Lien HAL : Noise spectroscopy study of methylammonium lead tribromide single-crystal detectors: gamma spectroscopy applications Lien HAL : Strategies for Characterization and Parameter Extraction of Vertical Junction-Less Nanowire FETs Dedicated to Design Technology Co-Optimization Lien HAL : In vitro exposure of neuronal networks to the 5G-3.5 GHz signal Lien HAL : Overview of grapevine trunk diseases in France in the 2000s Lien HAL : Stability of the threshold voltage in fluorine-implanted normally-off AlN/GaN HEMTs co-integrated with commercial normally-on GaN HEMT technology Lien HAL : Pattern Recognition in Cyclic and Discrete Skills Performance from Inertial Measurement Units Lien HAL : Polygranular image guided atomistic reconstruction: A parametric model of pyrocarbon nanostructure Lien HAL : Polymer Microtip-Based Fabry–Perot Interferometer for Water Content Determination in the Gas and Liquid Phase Lien HAL : Tunable ultra-fast infrared generation in a gas-filled hollow core capillary by a four-wave mixing process: erratum Lien HAL : Terahertz Nondestructive Testing with Ultra-Wideband FMCW Radar Lien HAL : Terahertz diffractive imaging with saturated data inpainting Lien HAL : System identification of MISO fractional systems: Parameter and differentiation order estimation Lien HAL : A Comprehensive Review on Energy Management Strategies for Electric Vehicles Considering Degradation Using Aging Models Lien HAL : Millimeter-Wave Pulsed Heating in Vitro: Effect of Pulse Duration Lien HAL : Ku Band SiGe Power Amplifier With High Output Power and SWR Robustness Up to 120°C Lien HAL : A Zonotopic-Based Watermarking Design to Detect Replay Attacks Lien HAL : Comparative performance analysis of photo-supercapacitor based on silicon, dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells: Towards indoor applications Lien HAL : Les opérations d’influence psychologiques russes et la Maskirovka comme état d’esprit Lien HAL : Truncation of fractional derivative for online system identification Lien HAL : An expertized grapevine disease image database including five grape varieties focused on Flavescence dorée and its confounding diseases, biotic and abiotic stresses Lien HAL : In-situ characterization of thermomechanical behavior of copper nano-interconnect for 3D integration Lien HAL : Life cycle assessment of ICT in higher education: a comparison between desktop and single-board computers Lien HAL : Low-cost WO3 nanoparticles / PVA smart photochromic glass windows for sustainable building energy savings Lien HAL : Demand response business model canvas: A tool for flexibility creation in the electricity markets Lien HAL : Evidence of trapping and electrothermal effects in vertical junctionless nanowire transistors Lien HAL : Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Vertical Gateall-around Junction-less Nanowire Transistors-Part II: Multiphysics Simulation Lien HAL : L’analyse des usages de technologies digitales dédiées à la synchronisation : intérêts pour l’étude d’une transformation organisationnelle dans l’ingénierie de conception automobile Lien HAL : Entropy-Based Multifractal Testing of Heart Rate Variability during Cognitive-Autonomic Interplay Lien HAL : Generalization of the Shortest Path Approach for Superpixel Segmentation of Omnidirectional Images Lien HAL : Effects of polystyrene on morphology and electrical performance of solution-processed thermally activated delayed fluorescent organic light-emitting diodes Lien HAL : Simplified Marching Cubes: an efficient discretization scheme for simulations of deposition/ablation in complex media Lien HAL : Variance component analysis to assess protein quantification in biomarker discovery. Application to MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry Lien HAL : Unveiling the reactivity of epoxides in carbonated epoxidized soybean oil and application in the stepwise synthesis of hybrid poly(hydroxyurethane) thermosets Lien HAL : A Novel Impedimetric Sensor Based on Cyanobacterial Extracellular Polymeric Substances for Microplastics Detection Lien HAL : Small-signal impedance of GaAs-AlxGa1−x as resonant tunnelling heterostructures at microwave frequency Lien HAL : Feasibility of Using a 300 GHz Radar to Detect Fractures and Lithological Changes in Rocks Lien HAL : THz Pulse Generation and Detection in a Single Crystal Layout Lien HAL : Hydrogen generation performances and electrochemical properties of Mg alloys with 14 H long period stacking ordered structure Lien HAL : On a general structure for adaptation/learning algorithms - stability and performance issues Lien HAL : Water-based organic solar cells from Janus nanoparticles: Closing the performance gap with reference cells Lien HAL : Revisiting two piezoelectric salts within an eco-design paradigm for sensors and actuators applications Lien HAL : Combining the global trends of DFA or CDFA of different orders Lien HAL : Selective Outdoor Humidity Monitoring Using Epoxybutane Polyethyleneimine in a Flexible Microwave Sensor Lien HAL : Probing proton diffusion as a guide to environmental stability in powder-engineered FAPbI3 and CsFAPbI3 perovskites Lien HAL : Usability Evaluation of Connected Health Devices in Home Monitoring: Toward Devices Adapted to the Characteristics of Informal Caregivers Lien HAL : A Novel Reverberation Chamber for In Vitro Bioelectromagnetic Experiments at 3.5 GHz Lien HAL : Splitting of magnetic dipole modes in anisotropic TiO2 micro-spheres Lien HAL : Skeletonization and 3D rendering with real time terahertz tomography Lien HAL : Effect of cathode spacer layer on the current‐voltage characteristics of resonant tunneling diodes Lien HAL : Fractional modeling of wind speed turbulence Lien HAL : Introduction : confiance et communication, une aporie démocratique Lien HAL : Un théâtre de contrebande. Quelques hypothèses sur Vitez et le communisme Lien HAL : De l’entraînement à la performance sportive Lien HAL : State constrained tracking control for nonlinear systems Lien HAL : Probabilistic Interpretations of Fractional Operators and Fractional Behaviours: Extensions, Applications and Tribute to Prof. José Tenreiro Machado’s Ideas Lien HAL : Third Order Intermodulations Phase Shifting in Power Amplifiers for Spatial filtering in Multi-beam 5G mmW Phased Array Lien HAL : DFA-based abacuses providing the Hurst exponent estimate for short-memory processes Lien HAL : Non-destructive state-of-health diagnosis algorithm for blended electrode lithium-ion battery Lien HAL : Stability analysis of time-delay systems in the parametric space ⋆ Lien HAL : Self-Deformable Flexible MEMS Tweezer Composed of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)/Ionic Liquid Gel for Electrical Measurements and Soft Gripping Lien HAL : Electro-thermo-mechanical modelling of a SiC MOSFET transistor under non-destructive short-circuit Lien HAL : Estimating the target DOA, range and velocity using subspace methods in a MIMO OFDM DFRC system Lien HAL : Toward High Efficiency Water Processed Organic Photovoltaics: Controlling the Nanoparticle Morphology with Surface Energies Lien HAL : LoRa and Rotating Polarization Wave: Physical Layer Principles and Performance Evaluation Lien HAL : Spectral measurements with hybrid LMR and SAW platform for dual parameter sensing Lien HAL : Label-Free Study of the Global Cell Behavior during Exposure to Environmental Radiofrequency Fields in the Presence or Absence of Pro-Apoptotic or Pro-Autophagic Treatments Lien HAL : Chirped Pulsed Four-Wave Mixing Spectrogram retrieval from from multiple shot-to-shot spectral measurement Lien HAL : Resonant tunneling diodes as sources for millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths Lien HAL : Methodology combining industry 4.0 technologies and KPI’s reliability for supply chain performance Lien HAL : Concours CUBE2020 et réduction de l’impact environnemental du laboratoire IMS Lien HAL : Embodying a Virtual Agent in a Self-Driving Car Lien HAL : Stability and resonance conditions of elementary fractional transfer functions Lien HAL : A 6-DOF sliding mode fault tolerant control solution for in-orbit autonomous rendezvous Lien HAL : Constructions of Optimal Uniform Wide-Gap Frequency-Hopping Sequences Lien HAL : Elaboration and Characterization of a New Heavy Metal Sensor Functionalized by Extracellular Polymeric Substances Isolated from a Tunisian Thermophilic Microalga Strain Graesiella sp. Lien HAL : Optical Fiber-Based Polymer Microcantilever for Chemical Sensing: A Through-Fiber Fabrication Scheme Lien HAL : Les scénarisations pédagogiques comme démarche de médiation entre usagers et dispositifs : l’exemple des données ouvertes en éducation Lien HAL : Influence of Losses, Device Size, and Mode Confinement on Integrated Micro-Ring Resonator Performance for Absorption Spectroscopy Using Evanescent Field Sensing Lien HAL : Determination of individual I(V) characteristics of each sub-cell of a triple junction device Lien HAL : Pre-Energization Concept for Overhead Lines in MTDC Grids Using DCCB Internal Capacitor Lien HAL : Addendum: Predictive form of the FPM model Lien HAL : Parameter and differentiation order estimation in fractional models Lien HAL : Designing a Proximal Sensing Camera Acquisition System for Vineyard Applications: Results and Feedback on 8 Years of Experiments Lien HAL : Broad bandwidth air-coupled micromachined ultrasonic transducers for gas sensing Lien HAL : Trends and Applications of Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices: A Review Lien HAL : An implementation of the NiftyRec medical imaging library for PIXE-tomography reconstruction Lien HAL : Quantification of Time-Domain Truncation Errors for the Reinitialization of Fractional Integrators Lien HAL : A novel approach to stability analysis of a wide class of irrational linear systems Lien HAL : Design and control of a new electrostrictive polymer based continuum actuator for endoscopic robot Lien HAL : Optimization of Spacecraft Thrusters Configuration Under Fault Diagnosability and Recoverability Constraints Lien HAL : Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Vertical Gate-All-Around Junctionless Nanowire Transistors—Part I: Experimental Methods Lien HAL : A Plea for the Integration of Fractional Differential Systems: The Initial Value Problem Lien HAL : A DSEL for high throughput and low latency software‐defined radio on multicore CPUs Lien HAL : Wide Range Color Tuning in Single Emissive Layer Organic Light Emitting Transistors Lien HAL : Investigation into Cu diffusion at the Cu/SiO2 hybrid bonding interface of 3D stacked integrated circuits Lien HAL : Benefits of X-Ray CMT for the Modeling of C/C Composites Lien HAL : Nanoscale elasticity of highly anisotropic pyrocarbons Lien HAL : Exploring compact modeling of SiGe HBTs in Sub-THz range with HICUM Lien HAL : Measurement of negative differential conductance to 40 GHz for vertically integrated resonant tunnelling diodes Lien HAL : Defining specifications for accurate Metal/TCO specific contact resistivity measurements by TLM in silicon heterojunction devices Lien HAL : Kullback-Leibler and Rényi divergence rate for Gaussian stationary ARMA processes comparison Lien HAL : Juvenile growth deficit as an early alert of cockle Cerastoderma edule mortality Lien HAL : A Proof-of-Concept of a Multiple-Cell Upsets Detection Method for SRAMs in Space Applications Lien HAL : Stability regions of fractional systems in the space of perturbed orders Lien HAL : Signaux 5G et expositions multiples : recherche d'effets cellulaires et moléculaires Lien HAL : Moisture Diffusion Inside the BEOL of an FC-PBGA Package Lien HAL : Material parameter identification of the proximal and distal segments of the porcine thoracic aorta based on ECG-gated CT angiography Lien HAL : Effect of accelerated hydrothermal aging on the durability of Si-based dielectric thin films Lien HAL : Effect of power-assistance on upper limb biomechanical and physiological variables during a 6-minute, manual wheelchair propulsion test: a randomised, cross-over study Lien HAL : Usability of three software platforms for modifying graphical layout in visual P300-based brain-computer interface Lien HAL : A TCAD-based Analysis of Substrate Bias Effect on Asymmetric Lateral SiGe HBT for THz Applications Lien HAL : Macroporous Polymer Cantilever Resonators for Chemical Sensing Applications Lien HAL : InP DHBT analytical modeling: towards THz transistors Lien HAL : Effects of Powerchair Football: Contextual Factors That Impact Participation Lien HAL : Redox-active ions unlock substitutional doping in halide perovskites Lien HAL : HLA-based time management and synchronization framework for lean manufacturing tools evaluation Lien HAL : Homojunction Doping for Efficient Hole Extraction in Polymer Solar Cells Lien HAL : Terahertz diffractive imaging with saturated data inpainting Lien HAL : Resonant tunneling of holes in Ga 0.51 In 0.49 P/GaAs double‐barrier heterostructures Lien HAL : Histoire des techniques en canoë-kayak freestyle Lien HAL : Selective sublimation of GaN and regrowth of AlGaN to co-integrate enhancement mode and depletion mode high electron mobility transistors Lien HAL : Radiative Wireless Power Transfer: Where We Are and Where We Want to Go Lien HAL : Role of AlGaN back-barrier in enhancing the robustness of ultra-thin AlN/GaN HEMT for mmWave applications Lien HAL : Silicon-carbide-based MEMS for gas detection applications Lien HAL : Sub-4 nm mapping of donor–acceptor organic semiconductor nanoparticle composition Lien HAL :

Report (151)

Group-Conditional Conformal Prediction via Quantile Regression Calibration for Crop and Weed Classification Lien HAL : A 2.45GHz SiGe Power Amplifier with a Novel Digital Predistortion using Orthogonal Sequences Lien HAL : Passeport produit numérique pour permettre traçabilité et transparence dans la supply chain textile et tout au long du cycle de vie d’un produit Lien HAL : Explaining Driller Methodology Mitigation of Compensator Induced Vibration of Passive Heave Compensator for Drill Bit in Contact Operation Lien HAL : Techniques de déplacement du judoka en fonction du niveau d’expertise. Proposition d’exploitation de l’actimétrie pour une analyse en situation écologique d’opposition Lien HAL : Réflexions épistémologiques sur les mesures biomécaniques en sciences du sport. Une illustration par la comparaison entre des données biomécaniques et l’analyse d’entraîneurs experts en judo Lien HAL : Tailored List Decoding of Polar Codes Lien HAL : Tailored List Decoding of Polar Codes Lien HAL : Waveform design to improve the estimation of target parameters using the Fourier Transform method in a MIMO OFDM DFRC system Lien HAL : Ekit'eko: a serious game to support sustainable aptitudes during the development of eco-innovations Lien HAL : Cultures des données, cultures de l'information. Enjeux pour un humanisme numérique ? Lien HAL : An IoT SoC for Agricultural Applications Lien HAL : Transformation of extended actigram star to BPMN2.0 and simulation model in the frame of model driven service engineering architecture Lien HAL : How can machine learning help prevent knee injuries of experienced athletes? Lien HAL : LA PLACE DE LA STATISTIQUE EN STAPS : RETOUR SUR LES OUVRAGES PEDAGOGIQUES Lien HAL : AFSIW Y-junction Circulator for High-power Handling New Space Applications Lien HAL : A Simulation Based Approach to Digital Twin’s Interoperability Verification & Validation Lien HAL : Electrothermal modeling of junctionless vertical Si nanowire transistors for 3D logic circuit design Lien HAL : Evidence of Trapping and Electrothermal Effects in Vertical Junctionless Nanowire Transistors Lien HAL : SiGe-based Nanowire HBT for THz Applications Lien HAL : An arbitrary order H∞ interval filter for spacecraft navigation units Lien HAL : Dynamics of corrosion on mechanical and electrical reliability of SAC305 solder joints during salt spray test Lien HAL : A NEW DESIGN : THREE TERMINAL BAND OFFSET BARRIER ORGANIC/SI TANDEM SOLAR CELLS Lien HAL : Téléprésence à l'école : penser la place du dispositif technique dans les apprentissages pour les élèves empêchés Lien HAL : Multi-scale electro-thermo-mechanical simulation of a SiC MOSFET transitor during short-circuit Lien HAL : Emerging Tandem Solar Cells for Terrestrial Applications Lien HAL : Study of an Avalanche Compensation Mirror for SiGe High Performance Power Amplifiers dedicated to 5G applications Lien HAL : From real-time single to multicompartmental Hodgkin-Huxley neurons on FPGA for bio-hybrid systems Lien HAL : Adaptive Task Sharing in Collaboarative Robotics Lien HAL : Baseband TIA Design Using Inversion Coefficient MOSFET Model in CMOS 28nm Lien HAL : Assessing the impact of cognitive biases in AI project development Lien HAL : Cognitive Warfare and C2 (Command and Control) Lien HAL : Transient Modelling and Simulation for Optimal Future Management of a District Heating Network. Lien HAL : Médiation des savoirs dans les FabLabs Lien HAL : A MCU-robust Interleaved Data/Detection SRAM for Space Environments Lien HAL : Improvement of navigation unit in space applications using H∞ interval observers: comparison of two approaches Lien HAL : Optimal CRONE control of the intake manifold pressure of a spark ignition internal combustion engine Lien HAL : Le recueil de données des plateformes d’enseignement pour l’étude de la persévérance dans l’enseignement à distance au second degré Lien HAL : Recent Advances on Qualification and Reliability of Cu/SiO2 to Cu/SiO2 Hybrid Bonds for 3D ICs Lien HAL : Using X-ray imaging for the study of crack development in solder reliability testing Lien HAL : Life Cycle Assessment in an Ecodesign Process: A Pedagogical Case Study Lien HAL : Analyse du niveau d’efficacité d’un ”algorithme d’affectation” de Parcoursup dans une filière en tension au regard de la réussite académique : l’exemple de la Licence STAPS de Bordeaux Lien HAL : A new dynamical attractive and repulsive fractional potential for UAV in 3D dynamical environment Lien HAL : Performance of Differential Chirp Spread Spectrum in Underwater Acoustic Channel Lien HAL : Ultra Low Power 32-bit Microcontroller With Minimal Instruction Set for Internet of Things Applications Lien HAL : A Low-Cost Bench for Training Students in Power Amplifier and Digital Predistortion Lien HAL : High-Performance Gallager-E Decoders for Hard Input LDPC Decoding on Multi-core Devices Lien HAL : A compact bidirectional reconfigurable 2nd-order low-pass filter for 5G FR2 applications Lien HAL : Apprendre autrement : les FabLabs à/et l'école Lien HAL : Early Detection of Oscillatory Failure Case for Fault-Tolerant Flight Control System Lien HAL : Volterra equations for fractional behaviors modeling with application to lithium-ion cells Lien HAL : Creation of neural melodies in the frame of an international student project Lien HAL : Facteurs de persévérance et d'abandon dans l'enseignement supérieur Lien HAL : L'usage de ChatGPT comme assistant du chercheur en SHS : apports, limites et risques Lien HAL : Une étude terminologique de la communication hypertexte web. Caractéristique du domaine universitaire. Lien HAL : A PAE-Controlled Wideband Power Amplifier for Sub-6GHz 5G Applications in 28nm FDSOI Technology Lien HAL : High-frequency Scalable Modelling of 100 GHz Class Uni-Travelling Carrier Photodiodes Lien HAL : A Walsh-based Arbitrary Waveform Generator for 5G Applications in 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology Lien HAL : A 26-44GHz 28nm CMOS FD-SOI Slow-Wave Tunable Hybrid Coupler for 5G Application Lien HAL : Blackbody source-based terahertz nondestructive testing with augmented reality Lien HAL : Un amplificateur de puissance Doherty basé sur un coupleur hybride inductif résilient VSWR FD-SOI CMOS 3:1 24-31 GHz 28 nm Lien HAL : Enhanced absorption spectroscopy sensing using a polymer micro-resonator on a porous silicon substrate Lien HAL : Multi-modes control for semi-active suspension systems Lien HAL : Implantation d'un détecteur de préambules vobulés par satellite en orbite basse Lien HAL : Principles of a safe and high performing CRONE control of nonlinear systems Lien HAL : Convertible delta-wing aircraft for teaching and research Lien HAL : Artificial Intelligence for Defence in an EQF6 Training and Education Program, From the Design to the Execution Lien HAL : Content-based image retrieval: Colorfulness and Depth visual perception quantification Lien HAL : Deep Ensemble Learning Model Based on Covariance Pooling of Multi-Layer CNN Features Lien HAL : Sharing Our Positive Experience About the ASSETs+ European Defence Challenge Lien HAL : Physical interpretation and initialization of the fractional integrator Lien HAL : Investigating the degradation mechanisms of moisture on the reliability of integrated low-k stack Lien HAL : An identification procedure for the tuning of a robust fractional controller Lien HAL : High-Resolution Fractional Digital Frequency Divider using a Binary-Rate Multiplier Lien HAL : Fractional System Identification using Binary Measurements Lien HAL : Analyse exploratoire de métriques en segmentation d'images : application en proxidétection Lien HAL : Sub-millimeter-scale multijunction solar cells for concentrator photovoltaics (CPV) Lien HAL : Low-complexity algorithm for the minimum distance properties of PAC codes Lien HAL : Design and efficiency measurement of a sub-unit for a 20kW DC-DC multiphase power converter Lien HAL : Study on Measurement Discontinuity during On-wafer TRL Calibration of 28FD-SOI Devices upto 110GHz Lien HAL : Organic materials modelling in three terminal Organic/Si tandem solar cells Lien HAL : Détection de changements dans les modèles gaussiens de rang K appliquée à l'imagerie SAR Lien HAL : Distributed Interval Observer-based Fault Detection for a class of distributed measurement systems Lien HAL : Requirements formalization for systems engineering: an approach for interoperability analysis in collaborative process model Lien HAL : A study of pixelwise segmentation metrics using clustering of variables and self-organizing maps Lien HAL : Null or linear-phase filters for the derivation of a new variant of the MSE Lien HAL : ECG Noise Removal and Efficient Arrhythmia Identification Based on Effective Signal-Piloted Processing and Machine Learning Lien HAL : L'éducation à l'esprit critique : une approche pragmatique centrée sur les cultures de l'information Lien HAL : Téléprésence à l'école : penser la place du dispositif technique dans les apprentissages pour les élèves empêchés Lien HAL : Lean Production and Industry 4.0 Technologies: Link and Interactions Lien HAL : Signal to Noise Ratio Analysis of a Chirped Pulsed Four-Wave Mixing by the Dispersive Fourier Transform Method Lien HAL : L'accessibilité territoriale de l'offre de formation Parcoursup : des grands champs disciplinaires au STAPS de Bordeaux Lien HAL : Transferts de dispositifs universitaires de formation à distance dans le temps et dans l'espace Lien HAL : Studying and succeeding in distance learning Lien HAL : A 24.25-30.5GHz Fully Integrated SiGe Phase Shifter/VGA/Power Amplifier in 0.13μm BiCMOS Technology for 5G Beamforming Applications Lien HAL : Prise en compte de la technologie dans la quantification des biomarqueurs Lien HAL : ON THE FRACTIONAL MODELLING OF THE DIFFUSIVE INTERFACE Lien HAL : Comment favoriser la transition vers l'industrie 4.0 dans le secteur textile-habillement : étude de cas du déploiement d'un cobot au sein de l'entreprise Petit Bateau Lien HAL : A competency-based model to integrate sustainability in curricula in French universities and engineering schools Lien HAL : Conception et simulation d’un micro-capteur à ondes de Love par éléments finis Lien HAL : Stator fault diagnosis in induction machines by parameter estimation Lien HAL : Design and Implementation of Differential Chirp Spread Spectrum System for Underwater Acoustic Communication Lien HAL : L'ergonomie de conception prend-elle suffisamment en compte les interactions multi-utilisateurs ? Vers une construction d'outils méthodologiques d'une approche de conception centrée utilisateur pour les technologies multi-utilisateurs Lien HAL : Le recueil de données des plateformes d'enseignement pour l'étude de la persévérance dans l'enseignement à distance au second degré Lien HAL : 455/610-GHz fT/fMAX InP DHBT technology with demonstration of a beyond-110-GHz-bandwidth large-swing PAM-4 2:1 AMUX-driver Lien HAL : Study on obstacle avoidance for fractional artificial potential fields Lien HAL : SMART ACTUATORS BASED ON ELECTROACTIVE FLUORINATED POLYMERS: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOLECULAR ORGANIZATION AND ELECTROACTIVE RESPONSE Lien HAL : Compromis Performances / Complexité d'égaliseurs basés EP pour les liaisons FTN: Simplification par l'identité de Woodbury Lien HAL : Flight Control Reconfiguration in Oscillatory Failure Case Scenarios Lien HAL : Industry 4.0 Technologies as Drivers for Eliminating Waste in Lean Production: A French-Norwegian Study Lien HAL : ECG Noise Removal and Efficient Arrhythmia Identification Based on Effective Signal-Piloted Processing and Machine Learning Lien HAL : A Wide-Band High-Speed Sample and Hold in 0.35μm CMOS Technology Lien HAL : A New Modeling Framework For Cyber-Physical And Human Systems Lien HAL : Thermal Effects on Low-Power RF-to-dc Voltage Multiplier for Battery-Free Sensing and IoT Lien HAL : Conception d’architectures de FFT pour FPGA à base de modèles comportementaux Lien HAL : Fabriquer des managers : pour quelle activité ? comment ? Lien HAL : Further results on ”non individualized” closed–loop for T1DM patients Lien HAL : Threshold voltage shift of deep-depletion ZrO2/O-terminated diamond MOSFET: numerical simulations and comparison with measurements Lien HAL : High Temperature Power Module Packaging Issues Lien HAL : Boucle d’indexation interactive basée sur les gains d’information : application a un jeu de données expert Lien HAL : Détection des symptômes de maladies du bois par proxi et télédétection Lien HAL : Flow supercritical synthesis of stable colloidal solutions of biocompatible InGa nanoparticles Lien HAL : Multi-sensor pancreatic-islets-and-muscle-on-chip for real-time studies of glucose homeostasis Lien HAL : The Caputo derivative and the infinite state approach Lien HAL : Genetic algorithms for force polytopes prediction Lien HAL : Conditions initiales, Observation d'état et intégrateur fractionnaire Lien HAL : Persévérance des apprenants dans l’enseignement secondaire à distance : proposition d’un protocole de recherche Lien HAL : Moisture absorption and desorption in epoxy mould compounds: Characterization of Fickian and non-Fickian behaviours in complex packages Lien HAL : Ancient enamel plate characterized by Time domain spectro imaging Lien HAL : An optimal instrumental variable approach for continuous-time multiple input-single output fractional model identification Lien HAL : Efficient LoRa-like Transmitter Stacks for SDR Applications Lien HAL : An Integral–based Control Allocation Algorithm for Optimal Spacecraft Actuator Selection under l1, l2, l∞ Criteria for Fault Tolerance Lien HAL : High-throughput FFT architectures using HLS tools Lien HAL : Towards Battery-Free Wide Area Network With Ultra-Low Voltage Chirp Spread Spectrum Modulation Lien HAL : Digital Twin for Smart Cities: An Enabler for Large-Scale Enterprise Interoperability Lien HAL : A 24-31GHz 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Power Amplifier Supporting 5G NR FR2 64-QAM Signals Lien HAL : Challenges of on-wafer Sparameters characterization of advanced SiGe HBTs at very high frequencies Lien HAL : Automatic selection of latent variables in variational auto-encoders Lien HAL : A time delay fractionnal PID controller for robust control of uncertain plants Lien HAL : High efficiency O-band SOA-UTC for access network Lien HAL : InP DHBT on-wafer RF characterization and smallsignal modelling up to 220 GHz Lien HAL : Sport Task: Fine Grained Action Detection and Classification of Table Tennis Strokes from Videos for MediaEval 2022 Lien HAL : Convergence entre l’analyse biostatistique et les méthodes d’inversion hiérarchique bayésienne pour la recherche et la validation de biomarqueurs par spectrométrie de masse Lien HAL : Methodology of backside preparation applied on a MRAM to lead a logical investigation with a near-field probe Lien HAL : Thermal consideration in nanoscale gate-all-around vertical transistors Lien HAL : Improving adaptation/learning transients using a dynamic adaptation gain/learning rate - Theoretical and experimental results Lien HAL : Crossing technical and non-technical skills: French case study of ecodesign in engineering education Lien HAL : Thermal and statistical analysis of various AlN/GaN HEMT geometries for millimeter Wave applications Lien HAL : A Gaussian mixture model with multiple tangent planes Lien HAL : A new dynamical repulsive fractional potential for UAVs in 3D dynamical environments Lien HAL : Modèle d'ensemble d'apprentissage profond basé sur la représentation au second ordre de descripteurs multi-couches d'un CNN Lien HAL :

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