Integration plateform

Integration plateform

The integration platform brings together equipment dedicated to research on the study and characterisation of electronic components, testing and analysis of laser beam failure in integrated circuits and systems, and the prediction of the lifetime of energy storage systems. The various equipment and human resources of the platform allow the teams of the IMS Bordeaux laboratory, whether researchers or students, to carry out their research while benefiting from support and technical assistance from the laboratory.

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NANOCOM is an instrumental platform dedicated to the characterization of integrated components and circuits on silicon (CMOS SOI, BiCMOS SiGe …) or III-V (InP, AsGa…) technologies. NANOCOM is developed around the needs of research and partnership at IMS, in the field of component modeling, parameters extraction, and the design of integrated circuits in radiofrequency and microwave areas.



The ATLAS platform is deicated to test and analysis of failure by laser beam in integrated circuits and systems. His development had a huge support from Aquitaine region and from CNES.




The CACYSSEE platform is dedicated to life time prediction for energie storage systems (Supercaps, Lithium batteries). Experimentals results obtained permit to model the aging form accelerated aging to indentifies failures modes.

Related research themes


Electronic Design

The research groups are dedicated to the design of digital, analogue and radio frequency circuits to provide fully integrated solutions for complex electronic systems



Group dedicated to : Reliability of innovative assemblies and devices in constrained and severe environments, new energy storage systems, ,devices against electromagnetic interference



The topics covered in the nanocom group are electro-optical characterisation, failure analysis and reliability, microwave characterisation and compact modelling


Signal and image processing

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La plateforme intégration regroupe des équipements dédiés à la recherche sur l’étude et la caractérisation des composant électroniques, aux tests et l’analyse de la défaillance par faisceau laser dans les circuits et systèmes intégrés et à la prédiction de la durée de vie des systèmes de stockage d’énergie. Les différents équipements et les moyens humains de la plateforme permettent aux équipes du laboratoire IMS Bordeaux, que ce soit pour les chercheurs ou les étudiants de mener à bien leurs recherches tout en bénéficiant d’un appui et d’un soutien technique de la part du laboratoire.

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