The ASSEMBLY platform is a cross platform of the Laboratory. It is therefore intended for all the Laboratory’s research teams.
It groups together all the equipments of assembly and transfer of components. These equipments are over 3 rooms, including a clean room (250 m²).

Transfer equipments
Oven facilities
Equipments of observation
Bonding equipments
Soldering equipments
Profilometry equipments
Screen printing equipments

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Assembly equipment

The main activities carried out within the ASSEMBLAGE platform are

the INP and the University of Bordeaux involved in national and international programmes of fundamental and applied research, concerned with technological stages.

This research concerns the design and manufacture of components which are then assembled and tested under real conditions or in severe environments.

realization of wired cabling, transfer of ridged or QFN components, clean room rental

in the Electronics field from Bachelor’s level to Doctoral level and internships offered to IMS doctoral students or to European doctoral students as part of the Euro-dots-CNFM programme. These courses provide training on the technological tools used for the implementation of microassemblies.




Assembly skills


Thick layer deposition




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    Résumé en français

    La plateforme ASSEMBLAGE est une plateforme transversale au Laboratoire. Elle s’adresse donc à toutes les équipes de Recherche du Laboratoire.

    Elle regroupe tous les moyens d’assemblage et de report de composants, Ces moyens sont répartis sur 3 salles dont une salle blanche (90 m²).

    Moyens de report
    Moyens de refusion / étuvage
    Moyens d’observation
    Moyens de câblage
    Moyens de brasage
    Moyens de profilomètrie
    Moyens de sérigraphie

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