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Trends and Applications of Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices: A Review Auteur(s): Yang Yang, Corinne Dejous, Hamida Hallil Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-03939921 Spectral measurements with hybrid LMR and SAW platform for dual parameter sensing Auteur(s): Ignacio del Villar, Jesús Corres, Jean-Luc Lachaud, Yang Yang, Hamida Hallil, Corinne Dejous, Ignacio Matias Lien HAL : https://inria.hal.science/hal-03939908 Pre-Energization Concept for Overhead Lines in MTDC Grids Using DCCB Internal Capacitor Auteur(s): Pascal Torwelle, Alberto Bertinato, Wolfgang Grieshaber, Yang Yang, Bertrand Raison, Trung Dung Le, Marc Petit Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-04051098 Constructions of Optimal Uniform Wide-Gap Frequency-Hopping Sequences Auteur(s): Peihua Li, Cuiling Fan, Sihem Mesnager, Yang Yang, Zhengchun Zhou Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-03960679 Solidly Mounted Resonators with Ultra‐High Operating Frequencies Based on 3R‐MoS2 Atomic Flakes Auteur(s): Yang Yang, Jiayi Sun, Weifan Cai, Zheng Liu, Corinne Dejous, Magali de Matos, Hamida Hallil, Qing Zhang Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-04322707 Material parameter identification of the proximal and distal segments of the porcine thoracic aorta based on ECG-gated CT angiography Auteur(s): Chen Peng, Lingwei Zou, Kai Hou, Yifan Liu, Xiaolang Jiang, Weiguo Fu, Yang Yang, Benyebka Bou-Saïd, Shengzhang Wang, Zhihui Dong Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-04045349 Constructions of Z-optimal Type-II quadriphase Z-complementary pairs Auteur(s): Tao Yu, Meng Yang, Sihem Mesnager, Yang Yang Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-03960681 Application of texture analysis to muscle MRI: 1-What kind of information should be expected from texture analysis? Auteur(s): Jacques D de Certaines, Thibaut Larcher, Dorota Duda, Noura Azzabou, Pierre-Antoine Eliat, Luis M Escudero, Antonio Mg Pinheiro, Guanyu Yang, Jean-Louis Coatrieux, Eduard Snezkho, Alexey Shukelovich, Manuela Pereira, Richard A Lerski Lien HAL : https://hal.science/hal-01306718

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