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Wide Range Color Tuning in Single Emissive Layer Organic Light Emitting Transistors Auteur(s): Alexandre Bachelet, Sophie Fasquel, Jean-Michel Rampnoux, Gediminas Jonusauskas, Kazuo Takimiya, Lionel Hirsch, Mathias Perrin, Mamatimin Abbas Lien HAL : A Multifunctional Interlayer for Solution Processed High Performance Indium Oxide Transistors Auteur(s): Adrica Kyndiah, Abduleziz Ablat, Seymour Guyot-Reeb, Thorsten Schultz, Fengshuo Zu, Norbert Koch, Patrick Amsalem, Stefano Chiodini, Tugbahan Yilmaz Alic, Yasemin Topal, Mahmut Kus, Lionel Hirsch, Sophie Fasquel, Mamatimin Abbas Lien HAL : Low optical turn-on voltage in solution processed hybrid light emitting transistor Auteur(s): Abduleziz Ablat, Adrica Kyndiah, Alexandre Bachelet, Kazuo Takimiya, Lionel Hirsch, Sophie Fasquel, Mamatimin Abbas Lien HAL : Bottom-up honeycomb top layer for light outcoupling enhancement in blue organic light emitting diodes Auteur(s): A. Bertrand, Frédéric Dumur, Michal Mruczkiewicz, Mathias Perrin, Christine Lartigau-Dagron, Antoine Bousquet, Laurence Vignau, Laurent Billon, Sophie Fasquel Lien HAL : Multilayer Langmuir-Blodgett films as diffractive external 3D photonic crystal in blue OLEDs. Auteur(s): Frédéric Dumur, Stéphane Reculusa, Michal Mruczkiewicz, Mathias Perrin, Laurence Vignau, Sophie Fasquel Lien HAL : Passive absorption in a classical photonic crystal-based organic solar cell Auteur(s): Laurent Peres, A. Baron, S. Fasquel Lien HAL : Towards focusing using photonic crystal flat lens Auteur(s): Sophie Fasquel, Nathalie Fabre, Olivier Vanbésien Lien HAL : Frequential and temporal analysis of two-dimensional photonic crystals for absorption enhancement in organic solar cells Auteur(s): Léo Peres, Valérie Vigneras, Sophie Fasquel Lien HAL : Light trapping efficiency of organic solar cells with large period photonic crystals. Auteur(s): Sophie Fasquel, Laurent Peres, Valérie Vigneras Lien HAL : Three-dimensionnal calculation of propagation losses in photonic crystal waveguides Auteur(s): S. Fasquel, Xavier Mélique, Olivier Vanbésien, D. Lippens Lien HAL :

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