Thesis defense of Mohammed HAMDAOUI - November 24th, 2023

Mohammed HAMDAOUI will defend his thesis on November 24th, 2023 at 10:30 a.m., (amphi JP. DOM – IMS Laboratory) on the subject : “HOSPITAL PERFORMANCE EVALUATION BASED ON CARE PATHS STUDY”.

There is always a divergence as to what is considered acceptable care for pat and what constitutes considerable qualitative shortcomings. There is ample evidence tha alignment of established care processes with healthcare facility guidelines varies consider Thus, the gulf between guidelines and practice can lead to quality deficiencies at a time when is increasing demand to improve the quality of care and organize it more efficiently. The ai this study is to examine the components and aspects of hospital performance using statis modelling tools and qualitative data analysis. Through this work, we explored a variety of mo and methods for assessing overall hospital performance. Among these, the Buttart and Marm model was adopted to assess the overall performance of the Cheikh Zaïd Hospital (HCZ) loc in Rabat, Morocco. Before beginning the evaluation of performance aspects according to Bu and Marmorat, a care pathway model was developed to understand and explain all the stag patient goes through from admission to discharge. Next, an evaluation was carried out by appl the ABC technique to the costs of the care pathways modelled, namely the ophthalmo consultation pathway and the cataract pathway. Finally, to assess the quality of care, a qualit survey was carried out to gather the various opinions and feelings of patients who had experie the aforementioned pathways, in terms of quality of care and satisfaction, and also in term patient loyalty to the hospital structure. The evaluation process undertaken through this w offers a range of benefits for the HCZ, which can be listed in a non-exhaustive manner. assessment gives the hospital greater visibility and control over the service it offers and enab to keep a constant watch on the competition, supported by the results obtained, which sh substantial correlation between service quality, patient satisfaction and loyalty. It also ena hospitals to better control their costs, and to structure their expenditure more effectively by b able to evaluate it precisely by care pathway.
Keywords: Performance, Modeling, Care Pathways, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Service Quality

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