BEST - "Shaping the Future of Industry: University of Bordeaux Hosts a PhD dedicated research day on the Factory of the Future" - 28 May 2024

On the afternoon of May 28, the “BEST” Research Network will host a day dedicated to Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers from the University of Bordeaux, focusing on the theme of the “Factory of the Future.” This event is a cornerstone of the Impulsion “BEST” Research Network’s mission to harness the collective expertise at the Bordeaux campus on topics central to the evolution of modern industry. It’s a platform that underscores the network’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, bridging technological sciences with social sciences and humanities to address the multifaceted challenges of industrial innovation.

BEST in few words and images :

The “BEST” consortium, standing at the vanguard of integrating digital advancements with manufacturing, aims to push the boundaries of how we understand and improve the factory of the future. From design and manufacturing to use and maintenance, the consortium’s work emphasizes the crucial role of digital technologies — particularly sensors and actuators — in generating valuable physical data. This data, underutilized until now, holds the key to solving innovative problems through multiphysics and multiscale sensors and leveraging existing communication protocols for physical modeling and computational analysis. The consortium’s ambitious goals include non-destructive material assessment, enhancing process agility and resilience, and the development of intelligent materials that are not only multifunctional but also capable of energy harvesting and storage.

Industrie 4.0 consists in a real-time collection of data from sensors and actuators from the design step up to the usage with a continuous interaction with human.
Using the huge amount of data from sensors and actuators to: improve the physical model, build real-time control of process, perform multi-objectives optimization, help the user, take decision, make better.

What about the structure ?

With six dedicated work packages, the BEST project addresses a wide array of scientific and technological challenges. These range from non-destructive evaluation and smart design to energy management and human-centric organizational issues. With a keen focus on multiphysics modeling and the creation of innovative materials and processes, the project aims to catalyze advancements in fields directly related to the factory of the future, leveraging the comprehensive expertise of the University of Bordeaux.

The 6 work packages of BEST are intended to tackle advanced scientific and technological problems in fields connected with the factory of the future, based on the knowledge of University of Bordeaux.

And the Ph.D dedicated research day in a nutshell ?

Under the mentorship of seasoned academic guides, Ph.D navigate through the complexities of their respective expertise, aiming to unearth insights that could reshape our understanding of the world. Their mission culminates in the creation testament to their scholarly saga that we call thesis, a path strewn with publications, if accepted. Beyond their own quests for knowledge, Ph.D. candidates contribute richly to the academic realm, teaching starry-eyed undergraduates, collaborating on pioneering research projects, and engaging in the lively discourse of conferences—ready to tackle real-world challenges with a well-honed toolkit of knowledge and wit.

This dedicated event is a call to arms for doctoral researchers whose work aligns with the BEST network ambitious objectives. It provides a unique opportunity for funded researchers to present their findings in the morning, while the afternoon is reserved for those whose research themes resonate with the “BEST” network’s goals. Each participant is afforded a 10-minute presentation slot, followed by a question-and-answer session, fostering an environment of scholarly exchange and discussion. Presentations can be delivered in either French or English, catering to a diverse academic audience, international one.

What to expect as presented themes ?

The themes covered during this event are reflective of the industry’s future direction—ranging from real-time control and innovative sensors to smart materials and predictive maintenance. These topics not only highlight the technological advancements propelling the factory of the future but also underscore the ethical, ecological, and human factors essential to sustainable industrial development. This day-long gathering is not just a showcase of cutting-edge research but also a testament to the IMS and University of Bordeaux’s role as a leader in fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and innovation in the engineering and digital sciences.

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