Publication : "A performance record for organic photovoltaic cells with water-based ink"

Publication of an article in the journal Advanced Energy Material: “A performance record for organic photovoltaic cells with water-based ink”, relating to research work by IMS, IPREM, LIMMS, Paul Scherrer Institute, Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory and the Universities of Tokyo and Sidney.

Organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices are generally deposited from organic toxic solvents, either aromatic, halogenated or both. In order to reduce the environmental footprint of this technology, it is possible to developed water-based colloidal inks. However, for a long time, OPV devices fabricated from those inks presented much lower performances than those fabricated from organic toxic solvent. In the framework of and international collaboration and an ANR project “WATER-PV”, scientists managed to developed OPV devices from water inks with performances very close to those fabricated from organic solvents. This result was possible thanks to a careful control of the morphology of the nanoparticles. Published in Advanced Energy Materials, this work highlights a power conversion efficiency up to 9.98% and opens the route for more environmentally-friendly processes for organic photovoltaics.

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