Marc DONIAS will present his HDR on May 27, at 10:00 a.m. in the Amphi JP. DOM from the IMS laboratory on the subject : “Contribution to the processing of oriented textures by tensorial approach and orientation field analysis – Application to seismic images”.

Oriented textures form a special class of images representing natural scenes composed of directional elements. The concentric dermal lines of fingerprints, the woven threads of fibrous composites and the stacking of seismic horizons are all examples of specific arrangements whose analysis enables features to be extracted for identification purposes, mechanical properties to be quantified or the sequence of sedimentary deposits to be analyzed. The work reported concerns the reconstruction of structures composing textured images and assimilated to hypersurfaces by analysis of associated orientation fields, the estimation of local orientation using a mixed approach combining tensor calculus and prior reconstructions, the robust estimation of relative geological time by regularized energy minimization and the synthesis of structure-constrained texture from an examplar.

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