HDR defense by Anne ZOUGGAR - November 7, 2023

Anne ZOUGGAR will present her HDR on November 7 at 2:00 p.m. in the Amphi JP. DOM from the IMS laboratory on the subject: Contribution through the Lean approach to the Optimization of Performance in Production and Supply Chain in the era of Industry 4.0.

The current industrial context is facing the proliferation of Supply Chains with the liberalization of global trade, the advent of new Industry 4.0 technologies and the need for sustainable development in a context of resource scarcity. This awareness pushes to strengthen the attention paid to the optimization of production, assembly and distribution. The Lean approach is an interesting lever for the company to improve operational performance while engaging individuals in a learning and problem-solving system. Grasping the opportunities offered by Lean in production to invest the Supply Chain scale was considered very early on. The work presented in this HDR was carried out with my doctoral students internally, within industrial collaborations, regional, national, European collaborations and with international colleagues. I outline the experiments, the results and depict the influence of the elements studied in Lean implementation, such as: sectoral specificities, industrial contexts, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and industry 4.0 with applications in aeronautical production and automotive supply chain. I present a detailed research project in terms of perspectives, articulated in two points: a) Short and medium term research project aiming at finalizing the Lean and industry 4.0 thesis work and international collaboration on the digital Lean Supply Chain. b) Longer-term research project aiming at deepening the two major axes: Green Lean Supply Chain 4.0 and Lean Enterprise Modeling. I also analyze the synergies between the three aspects of Associate Professor’s position (Pedagogy, Research, Tasks of collective interest) which have contributed to the progress of my projects.

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