HDR DEFENSE BY Alexandrine GUEDON-GRACIA - April 5, 2024

Alexandra GUEDON-GRACIA will present her HDR on April 5 at 10:00 a.m. in the Amphi JP. DOM from the IMS laboratory on the subject : Reliability methodology developed for electronic assemblies.

Electronic components are undergoing rapid and constant evolution for the growing needs of electronic functions and the miniaturization of electronic boards. It is essential to ensure the reliability of electronic assemblies through experiments, modeling and simulation. In addition, the increasing automation of systems leads that electronic equipment is used in harsh environments: high temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, etc. These operating conditions have an impact on the lifetime of electronic assemblies,and it is necessary to estimate the influence of these operating conditions on the reliability of this equipment. These studies can lead us to look for alternative solutions to maintain an acceptable lifetime or to determine when a repair should be considered. Furthermore, the reliability of electronic boards subjected to environmental stress is closely linked to the strength of the connections between the components and the substrates, i.e. the strength resistance of the soldered joint. This is the main theme of my research work, which focuses more generally on the reliability of electronic assemblies.

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