Wearable Nano-Opto-electro-mechanic Systems
Motivation: Health and fitness wearables present mobile solutions for ICT in public wellbeing by providing personal remote control and clinical intervention through telemedicine networks. Due to their noninvasive and continuous vital sign monitoring,...
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Demonstration of a real-time sensor for environmental pollution
First demonstration of a real-time sensor for environmental pollution by extracellular polymeric substances isolated from algae combined with  a SAW transducer : W. Gongi, M. Rubé,  Hafedh Ben Ouada, Hatem Ben Ouada, O. Tamarin, C. Dejous, Elaboration...
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Thesis defence of Brian DUSOLLE
« Quantum-dots », semi-conductor nanocrystals capable of emitting monochromatic light, lead to the development of a new technology: « quantum-dot light emitting devices » or QLED. These electroluminescent sources which aim at replacing current systems...
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