European project manager - IMS Communication responsible

Research group : CIRCUIT DESIGN

Team : M4C

Tel : 0606834160

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Profile: currently managing EU funded projects and scientific communication service creation responsible at IMS Laboratory, Axel Pomepui Guihard applies his Nantes University background to enhance project coordination, strategic planning, and science communication, within contemporary research and higher education Bordeaux framework dynamics. His expertise encompasses critical analysis, strategic insights into public policy and governance decisionnal systems, with persuasive communication, all underpinning his professional activities and contributions to the academic and research community until there.

Axel aims to maintain his active role within the French academic sector, leveraging and enhancing his skills and knowledge, acquired from political science studies. This aspiration aligns with his career trajectory, emphasizing a continuous commitment to contributing to university research dynamics, policy analysis, and the broader discourse on science and society.


  • Strategic planning and decision-making
  • Critical analysis and problem-solving
  • Public policy and governance understanding
  • Persuasive communication and argumentation
  • Research and analytical writing
  • Project coordination and management
  • Expressive and effective public speaking


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