JOB PROFILE: Postdoctoral Researcher Opportunity

We are inviting applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher to join our team at IMS Bordeaux for the ANR ASTRID project, MAVERA. This position focuses on the Electromagnetic Vulnerability Analysis of Autonomous Robots

The recruitment is part of the context of an ANR ASTRID project named MAVERA for “Methodology of Electromagnetic Vulnerability Analysis of Autonomous Robots”. This project is the product of a collaboration between three laboratories: the Directed Energy Microwave Laboratory (LEDM) of CEA Gramat, the Integration of Material into Systems Laboratory (IMS) of the University of Bordeaux, and the Institute of Electronics and Systems (IES) of the University of Montpellier within the framework of the SPARTE Conventional Research Laboratory (LRC) dedicated to the study of electromagnetic susceptibility.

It is a dual project, interesting for both the civil and military fields, whose goal is to develop a methodology for analyzing the electromagnetic susceptibility of connected autonomous systems (CAS) that can be used, among others, by all designers of these systems for their protection. These CAS are generically broken down into five parts: Power Supply, Micro-control, Communication, Sensors, and Actuators.

The work proposed for this 18-month postdoctoral position is generally to study the electromagnetic susceptibility both of the different electronic functions of a robot independently and then the susceptibility of the robot as a whole. This work can be broken down into several tasks:

  • Implement experiments on each electronic function of a generic mini robot (designed as part of the project) to determine the most representative types of susceptibility, both at the component level and the electronic module level;
  • Reflect on the physical and functional modeling of these types of susceptibility;
  • Define the excitation conditions of these types of susceptibility (temporal shape of the aggression wave) on the parts of the system described previously, but also on the robot integrating all these parts.

The work at IMS Bordeaux will consist of determining the different types of susceptibility for the generic parts that make up the power supply, the microcontroller, and the various actuators of the system (DC motor, servo motor, etc.). In a cross-disciplinary manner, CEA Gramat and IES Montpellier will study the susceptibility of the other functions of the robot. The candidate can understand the work to be done by referring to the following theses:

  • Clovis Pouant, “Characterization of the electromagnetic susceptibility of electronic component input stages”, Thesis of the University of Montpellier, December 9, 2015, link
  • Maxime Girard, “Searching for vulnerabilities of reception stages to high-power electromagnetic aggressions: Case of an AsGa LNA”, Thesis of the University of Bordeaux, December 12, 2018, link
  • José Lopes Esteves, “Electromagnetic interference and information security: characterization, exploitation, and forensic analysis”, Thesis HESAM University, June 6, 2023, link

Core requirements:

🔹 Ph.D. in Electronics
🔹 Background in electronics, embedded systems, hyperfrequency

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