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MS research Lab, CNRS UMR 5218, Bordeaux, France – Signal &

Image group, MOTIVE team – Talence, (close to Bordeaux) – France

A team at the interface between digital and agriculture
The IMS lab is a Research Unit developing research and transfer activities in the field of systems sciences and engineering. Inside IMS Lab, the MOTIVE team of the Signal and Image Group aims to design models and algorithms for digital image processing in the broad sense, and their application to various fields including agriculture and the environment.
At the interface between different players such as Bordeaux Sciences Agro, INRAE, agricultural technical institutes (IFV, CTIFL, etc.), the MOTIVE team develops expertise in on-board imaging and artificial intelligence for agricultural proximal sensing and robotics. This expertise is used in various projects relating for example to phenotyping or the detection of diseases in viticulture and arboriculture, the identification of plants and weeds for weeding in market gardening and field crops.
The position open to applications concerns more specifically a project which began in 2023 with which the MOTIVE team is associated. This project, called Vision 3D, is supported by the “Banque Publique d’Investissement” (Innovate for the Agro-ecological Transition Program). It aims to investigate in more depth the potential of RGB+D images for the recognition of vine organs, their stage of development and the state of health of the plant. More generally, the project brings together the IMS laboratories, Bordeaux Sciences Agro and an industrial player (coordinator and integrator).
Recruitment of a computer vision engineer
As part of the activities of the MOTIVE team, at the interface between digital and agriculture, IMS is recruiting for 12 months (extendable) a computer vision engineer, for the development of on-board cameras and image processing algorithms. intended for use in the Vision 3D project.
The recruited engineer will be involved in the Vision 3D project. Under the responsibility of the project’s scientific pilots, its missions will mainly concern the development of embedded software using the cameras and other sensors used in the Vision 3D project.
This software will have to manage the camera, image recording, geolocation (GNSS), communication.
The software developed must be integrated into a ROS2 (Robot Operating System) infrastructure.
The recruited engineer will also participate in the processing of captured images, notably using artificial intelligence methods.
In addition to the software development itself, its missions will cover :

  • the integration of this software into the computers embedded in our sensors (NVidia Jetson),
  • writing documentation for the solutions produced

Depending on the needs of the team, the engineer will also participate:

  • test and data acquisition campaigns in real conditions,
  • communication actions (demonstrations, conferences, writing articles, etc.) These missions will be carried out in conjunction with the members (engineers, doctoral students, researchers) of the MOTIVE team and with the industrial partner of the Vision 3D project.


· ROS, C++ and Python.
· OpenCV library for image processing.
· Linux and embedded computers.
· Pytorch and deep learning methods for image processing.
· Rigor in structuring code and experience in shared development (Git).
· Fluency in English (read, written, spoken).
· Autonomy, good writing skills.

REQUIRED CONDITIONS : Master grade or equivalent covering the field of computer vision.

Remuneration : based on experience.
Contract duration : 12 months (extendable) from April 2024.
The application file (CV and cover letter) must be sent by e-mail before the Feb. 21th 2024 to :

Christian GERMAIN, Signal & Image Group, IMS Lab,

For further information, please contact :

 Barna Keresztes,
 Christian Germain,

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