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Conférence d'Olivier Seller, 26 novembre 2019


Le mardi 26 novembre, Olivier Seller, co-inventeur de la technique de communication numérique LoRa (, sera à l’IMS. Il fera notamment une présentation, de 14h à 15h dans l’amphi JP Dom, intitulée : how much orthogonal are LoRa Spreading Factors ? 
Olivier Seller is Technical Fellow, wireless IP at Semtech. He joined Semtech in 2012 following the acquisition of Cycleo, the LoRa start-up, which he co-founded. He co-invented LoRa with Nicolas Sornin, focusing on the LoRa modulation itself and its digital implementation.
Olivier studied in Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, then worked in the telecom or semiconductor industries with experiences in a 802.16 start-up, in Orange, and in Cambridge Silicon Radio. He there alternated functions in R&D, management and executives support.
Olivier architected the LoRa localisation solution at radio level i.e. gateways, timestamp algorithms, solver. He designed and implemented the "find my stuff" radio capability of LoRa chips.

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