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Best student paper award (Equipe Model - Groupe Nanoélectronique)

Soumya R. Panda received the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing (IEEE EDTM) Conference, which took place in Seoul, South Korea, March 7-10, 2023

Paper title: SiGe-based Nanowire HBT for THz Applications

Authors: S. R. Panda, S. Fregonese, A. Chakravorty and T. Zimmer

Abstract— This paper proposes a novel 3D nanowire (NW) based SiGe HBT for the first time. The overall purpose is to estimate the RF performance of an NW device based on the state-of-the-art B55 technology from STMicroelectronics. The challenges associated with the device fabrication and corresponding solutions are briefed. The proposed NW-HBT array predicts an fMAX (> 900 GHz) that is more than twice of that obtainable from the corresponding bulk SiGe HBT.


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