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Soutenance de thèse de Nassim BOUASSIDA

Nassim BOUASSIDA soutiendra sa thèse Mardi 6 Décembre à 14h, dans l'Amphithéâtre Jean-Paul DOM du Laboratoire IMS, sur le sujet suivant :
Design of a Full Software Transmitter Based on Walsh Sequences.
Abstract: The use of electromagnetic waves, as a medium for transmitting information between the mobile terminals, has quickly lead to a congestion of the frequency spectrum. To improve the data traffic flow between users, the authorities regulate the access to the frequency bands by imposing stringent standards to the mobile telecommunication. Thus, and in order to increase their data exchange capabilities, the next generations of mobile terminals have to dynamically use the spectral resources. These constraints affect the design of mobile transceivers. They must transmit high data rates by using multiple carriers and various modulation schemes, while consuming as less energy as possible, in order to save their battery life. The Walsh transmitter tries to answer these challenges.

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