Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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The IMS mechanical service supplies all of the 10 research groups of the laboratory in mechanical design ans construction fields.

The service design and build littles mechanical assemblies needed for laboratories' scientits equipment.

The service also a mechanical maintenance role in broad sense for all the platforms and more specifically all about whites rooms.

The service assure primary maintenance for machine tools in the workshop and ensure their conformities.


The workshop is composed with the following machine tools :

  • Milling machine LAGUN FTV-4SP with a 3 axis system
  • Conventionnel lathe CAZENEUVE
  • Micro milling machine Optimachine CNC_BF20 GT which allow serial prototypes machining
  • Saw band SYDERIC
  • Pillar drill CINCINNATI Type NC220V
  • Electrical equipment (drills, saws,…)
  • Oxygen-acetylene torch
  • Electrical weld station

The study office is composed with the following tools:

  • 1 computer station with 1 CAO license Catia V5R21


Mechanical service

Laboratoire IMS 

Tel: 05 40 00 28 03

Fax: 05 56 37 15 45

www.ims-bordeaux. fr

  • Precision machining : mechanial pieces with very specifics tolerances and adjustements
  • Micro-mechanical : very tiny mechanical pieces and assemblies, under 10mm
  • Project study : study, mechanical projets design for experimental research