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NANOCOM is an instrumental platform dedicated to the characterization of integrated components and circuits on silicon (CMOS SOI, BiCMOS SiGe …) or III-V (InP, AsGa…) technologies. NANOCOM is developed around the needs of research and partnership at IMS, in the field of component modeling, parameters extraction, and the design of integrated circuits in radiofrequency and microwave areas.


Different test benches and instruments for specific measurements are available:

  • Vector Network Analyzers up to 500 GHz:
    • PNA 67 GHz (Agilent) and its millimeter test heads 67_110 GHz
      (2 port 110 GHz, 4 ports 50 GHz)
    • ZVA 24 GHz (R&S) and its millimeter test heads (140-500 GHz)
    • PNAX 26,5 GHz (Keysight), 4 ports
    • ZVA 67 GHz, 2 ports
  • Tuners 0.8-18 GHz with dedicated software (Focus Microwave) and equipment
    • Multi-harmonic tuners for Load Pull measurement
    • Source tuner for noise measurements
  • Tuners 57-90 GHz for Load Pull measurements with dedicated software (Focus Microwave) and equipment
  • Spectrum Analyzer with phase noise measurements up to 170 GHz (FSUP R&S)
  • Noise Figure test bench with noise sources 0.1_26.5 GHz and 60_90 GHz (FSUP R&S).
  • Pulsed DC (100 mA, 60ns) and S parameter measurements up to 45 GHz (ZVA 67 GHz, Keithley 4200, HP4155A)
  • Vector Network Analyzer low frequency : 5 Hz-3 GHz (Agilent E5061B)
  • Low frequency noise test bench for integrated devices (probe station in Faraday box)
  • Pulsed DC (2A) test bench (cryogenic probe station down to 80K)
  • Radiofrequency facilities for the characterization of circuits such as  : PA, LNA, Mixer, VCO, PLL (spectrum analyzers 20 GHz, generators 40 GHz, power meters 50 GHz, oscilloscopes 20 GHz, power supplies …)

These equipments can be used on test fixture or on wafer with 8 probe stations. A semi-automatic probe station allows to control temperature from -60 °C to 200 °C and a cryogenic probe station to go down to 77K (nitrogen).

Magali De Matos, Engineer, mail, tel : 05 4000 8392 Cyril Hainaut, Technician, mail, tel : 05 4000 2891        


Characterization on wafer of devices and circuits.

  • Small signal up to 500 GHz
  • Large signal up to 90 GHz
  • Low frequency noise
  • Radiofrequency and microwave noise with parameters extraction (NFmin,  Gopt, Phiopt, Rn)
  • Spectral and phase noise analysis up to 170 GHz
  • Static
  • Temperature