Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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TAMIS platform : Technologies as Silicium (Sensors, MEMS,...)

Main activities done on the TAMIS Platform (TAMIS = Alternative Technology to Silicium MIcrosystèmes) are :

  • Make available equipment for laboratory doctoral student and for teacher-reseacher, from IPB and Bordeaux Universityand other national and international university, involved in national and international programs of fundamental and applied research concerned by technological steps
  • Applied research and industrial pre-development in IstuMS laboratory projets field in collaboration with national and international compagnies. This resarchs are about conception and manufacturing of component which are assembled then tested in real conditions or in harsh environments
  • Delivery for compagnies : realisation of circuits in thick or thin layers of metallic electrodes or microfours Pt, etc., rent of white rooms or equipments, wire bounding to relaise prototypes, extension of pinless components, etc
  • Student formations (~60 student/year) of electronical formation from bachelor degree to doctoral degree and intership proposed to IMS doctoral student or to europeans doctoral student in the framework of the Euro-dots-CNFM program. These interships provide a formation on the tools use to the execution of micro-assembly


  • Deposit of thick and thin layers and micro-structuration
    • "Sérigraphieuse" to thick layers deposit ( one automatic DEK and one manual Schmidt)
    • "Photolithographie": Spin-coater Suss Microtec RC8, Cleaning UV-ozone 342-220, mask "insolateur-aligneur" Suss Microtec MJB4
    • Spray and thermal evaporator for thin layer deposit
    • Thermal traitment : programmable heating plate, passage furnace (Max temperature 1100°C, air and N2), muffle furnace(Max temperature 140°C), vertical furnacewith programmable cocking process(50-1150°C, atm. controled), proofers
    • 2 chemical sorbonne (acidic and bases/solvent) with sink and ventilated drawer under bench
    • Insolation bench for screen printing 
    • Chopping printer (Graphtec Craft ROBO Pro CE 5000-40)
  • Charged pulp or resin preparation for layer deposit
    • Precision scale Sartotius (2)
    • Three-roll mixer EXAKT  E80 S, ball ultrasound mixer, tray mixer, Turbula, digital ultrasonic processor
    • Planetary mill
    • Viscometer Viscoman
  • Assembly
    • Little wire cable machine operation ball-bonding and wedge-wedge (Kulicke et Soffa 4523 et 4524),big wire cable machine operation (Orthodyne)
    • Deferral flip-chip machine (JPF Cefori), manual robot to placed and collage chips
    • Thermal traitment : IR remelting oven, vapor phase remelting oven (SV260), carpet CMS oven (Sikama), proofer
  • Caracterization and test
    • Laser and strobe vibrometer (Polytec MSA500)
    • Profilometer with stylus (Veeco Dektak 150), AFM (Veeco Innova-SYS), optical interferometric profilometer (Veeco NT9080)
    • Electrical caracterization under controled atmosphere programmable horizontal oven-proofer (50-850°C) 
    • Real time spectral analysis RSA3308A, phase gain impedance-meter analyzer Agilent E5061B and HP4194
    • "Sourcemètres" mono source Keithley 2401, 2410, double source 2604B, oscilloscope, frequency counter, multimeters, signals generators, etc.
    • Test bench under tip et micro robot with positionable tips (Imina MiBot system)
    • Programmable rickshaw BS9000-8, peristalic pumps
    • Humidity generator SMS VGIMEMS, weak concentreation permeate steam generator tubing, middle concentration sautration steam generator
    • Gaz line
Hélène DEBEDA, responsible          

  • Deposit of thick and thin layers and micro-structuration
    "Sérigraphieuse" to thick layers deposit (Sérigraphie)
    ""Photolithographie" (Photolithographie)
    Spray and evaporator to thin layer deposit (Couches minces)
    Thermal traitment
  • Assembly
    cable machine operation ball-bonding and wedge-wedge (Câblage)
    Deferral flip-chip machine (Flip chip)
    Thermal traitment
  • Caracterization
    Vibrometer (Vibromètre)
    Optical Profilometer, with stylet and AFM (Profilomètre - AFM)