Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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The CACYSSEE platform is dedicated to life time prediction for energie storage systems (Supercaps, Lithium batteries). Experimentals results obtained permit to model the aging form accelerated aging to indentifies failures modes.


Characterization - modelling

  • electro-chimical stations with potentiostat and ampli (3g20V, 5g100A)
  • Chronopotentiométry, cyclic voltammetry
  • Impedance spectrometry (EIS)

→ Model determination, parameters identification

Accelerated aging in active cycling, endurance

  • Strong current load/discharge banks (5g70V, 400-1000A pulse)
  • Performances (ragone, performance, system response)
  • line parameters determination (C, Q, ESR, leakage)

→ Parameters monitoring, aging modelisation

Controled and securized environment

  • Climatics chambers -60+180°C 540 l, 220 l (active cycling, thermic)
  • Proofer 250 l, 100 l (endurance, calendars tests)
  • Gaz and fire detection, supervision and alarm central

→ Real use condition

Integration in hybrid source

  • Subsystems availability for sources associations
  • Others sources, converters prototypes, hybridization electonics
  • Fast acquisition cars, precision power analyser

→ Aging reffects on complet system performance



Jean-Yves Delétage