Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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The OpERAaS Plateform is dedicated to evaluation the reliability of optoelectronics and photonics devices subject to rugged environment. This permit to make available to industrials partner caracterization, failures and accelerated aging resources, affectively split between the IMS laboratory (caracterization et reliability prevision), THALES Security System (analysis and failures) and AdvEOTec (qualification).


Chips caracterization on baseplate

  • Tester under tips on temperature (4.2K to 350K) to electrical  (4 arms) and optical (2 fibres) caracterization
  • Very low electrical level measure (DC, impluse 500ns-5A, Keithley electrometer, 10-18 A resolution for 0.1 fA mesured) in direct and reverse regime
  • Spectro-polarimetric measure with spectrometer with very high resolution (few pm) networks ine the filed 300nm-*1500nm
  • Bench dedicated to polarisation degree by electrominescence laser emitters (below and over the laser threshold) in temperature by optic differentiation of modes TE/TM
  • Spectral imagery with silicium camera (0,4-1,1 µm), InGaAs (0,8-1,8 µm), InSb/MCT (3-5 µm) et THz detection

Fiber and packaged component caracterization

  • Emitters : electrical measure in direct and reverse regime (I-V, 10aA-100 mA) in temperature (77K-400K), optical measure (P-I wih sphere 4’’, 2’’, 1’, resolution 0,1µW), spectral measure (300nm-1800nm, resolution 10nm), goniometer (far field 320nm-1100nm, resolution 0,055°), thermal measure(Rth, Cth, T…), ray width, RIN measure, Chirp, frequency response
  • Photodetectors : I-V measure in temperature (77k-400k) under luminous flux, C-V measures (0-2000 pF), absolute spectral response, CTR, Gummel Plot


Laurent Béchou