Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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The technology platform "Béthanie" is a tool dedicated to human factor research and technology use activities.

Located in the ENSC, she had different prupose, but converging and complementary :

  • Course (engineer student and continuous formation)
  • Upstream research with academic vocation
  • Upstream research with industrial vocation (Thales, HEAL, ERSYA, AKIANI, Iuserlab, etc.)
  • Applied research and valorization (Chaire STAH)

From a scientific point of view she had to allow to :

  • Result to the implementation of demonstrator to understand and convince
  • Permit to include the user in the center of systems' conception to ensure his usability and acceptability


Majors issues alight on innvating process in the complex interaction field :

  • The lack of operationnal knowledge exploitable and derived from short concetion/development cycles. This knowledge is a must to have because of the development costs of complex systems and more broadly of innovation don't allow any longer a risk in the concetion study level. The control of those knowledge match with the prototyping phase in the industrial world, and with the simulation in our case.
  • The difficulty to represent future and dynamic interaction of non-procedurelyactions. This difficulty, true brake to the decision making for non specialist of the field, explain the appearance of more and more asking of demonstrator, which allow to support decision making.
  • The potential complexity of interfaces (human/machine) which accompagny the increase of complexity of systems. Cost of engeneering again because of the non inclusion about human factor are not aceptable anymore. Many companies can't assume them. We have to be able to include the cognitive dimensions in study of multi-actors phenomena like command process, health security, production

The platform Béthanie had many experimentation rooms, 4 simulation box and a meta-simulator with a associated management

The meta-simulator EPHEBE

Many products, systemes or services, are more and more structured in a system architecture of system or multi-users. This pose a major problem to include cognitiv dimension of human in those systems.

In this context, EPHEBE project address including human cognition issues in multi-actors phemomena like the command process, health security, production, simulation of deteriorated situation for complex systems in the context of human factor study (cognitive managemant of situations)

EPHEBE is a reconfigurable platform which can simulate different control and process conduct rooms (transport, chemistry, energie, etc.)and different decision making rooms (command, war room, crisis room , market room, etc.) in one space for expermientations or formations purposes.

Interest of this device is triple :

  • He permits D huge shring of means, regrouping in the same place all the collection and data analysis tools for all the simulators
  • He offers a study and technology simulation environment focus on human-machine multi-users interaction
  • He permit a reconfiguration depending on procces' nature, activities and types of targeted systems 

The EPHEBE meta-simulator is at the sime time :

  • A physical device composed with an observation plateau which offer customisable furniture (as customisable equipment), and a monitoring plateau dedicated to steering and exploitation of equipment
  • Equipment allocated between observation plateau and monitoring plateau and organized in 3 sub-system :
    • Data capture : behavioural (individual and group), atmosphere (temperature, moise, light,...), physiological, etc.
    • Data transmission and storage ( Wifi, wired, local and deported storage,...)
    • Data treatment and exploitation : transportable and final management (traking, topage, …), Automatic treatment systems, Video editing (audiovisual report,...)


Four simulation box

  • A jumbo jet type Airbus / Boeing simulator 
  • A light plane simulator
  • A car simulator
  • A car simulator for people in handicap situation or aging deficient