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Futur of Vehicule


On a 250 m² surface, the "Vehicule of the Futur" plateform constitute a true technology showcase of the testing means developed for the implementation in pratice, for experimental and tranfert purpose, of research leads by the CRONE team in collaboration with the car manufacturer PSA and the outfitter BOSCH, in the context of the labeling as a team of technology research. Since 2011, this platform is in the forefront of the OpenLab PSA-IMS "Electronics and Systems for Automotive", common laboratory between PSA Peugeot Citroën and the IMS laboratory.


Testing means are :

  • 3 experimentals vehicule
  • 2 driving simulator
  • 1 Moving robot type RobuLAB80
  • 1 dronetype hexa-rotor X6 from Fly-N-Sense
  • 1 thermal testing bench
  • 1 electro-mechanical testing bench
  • 1 cell fuel testing bench
  • 1 testing bench for a real time estimation of battery charge 
  • 1 climatic chamber


Xavier Moreau Pierre Melchior