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Présentation de Dr. Carlos Trapiello -- UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Carlos Trapiello fera une présentation Le 3 février 2022. à 14h, dans l'Amphi JP.DOM du Laboratoire IMS :

Cyber-security in control systems: a long way ahead

Abstract. Fostered by the heterogeneity of their components, cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are prone to faults on their physical layer and to cyber-attacks on their communications layer. For these CPSs, traditional information security methods like authorization or access control, have proven to grant an insufficient protection, as they do not test the compatibility of the data with the underlying physical model. In this regard, the famous Stuxnet computer worm offers a clear example of a cyber-attack that results in physical damage to system assets due to the lack of adequate protection mechanisms.This talk will discuss some aspects of cyber-security addressed from a model-based perspective and the main differences with respect to traditional fault-tolerant control schemes. In this sense, the design of active detection mechanisms to detect the (otherwise undetectable) replay attacks will be reviewed. In particular, this detection problem will be examined under a set-based paradigm. Next, the design of robust MPC-based strategies to securely control systems subject to arbitrary man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as their coupling with active attack detectors, will be debated. Finally, some interesting research directions and open questions will be discussed.


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