Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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La branche étudiante IEEE de Bordeaux (BEE Branch) vous invite aujourd'hui à 14H00 en live sur sa chaîne Youtube pour le BEE Talk:

 Prof. Jerald Yoo

“ Body Area Network – Connecting things together around the body”

“ Votre corps est-il le cloud de demain?


Chronic diseases account for over 1/3 of deaths around the world. To mitigate the impact of such diseases, healthcare paradigm is now shifting from reactive illness management towards proactive and preemptive health management; the goal here is to maintain a healthy life in the first place or to prevent illness from getting any worse by continuously monitoring health during normal daily life. Body Area Network (BAN) is an attractive means for continuous and pervasive health monitoring, yet its unique and harsh environment gives circuit designers many challenges.  As human body absorbs the majority of RF energy around GHz band, existing RF radio may not be an ideal for communications between and on-body sensors. In order solve the issues, this talk covers two types of BAN: body coupled-based and wired/fabric-based. Body-coupled based BAN utilizes human body itself as a communication medium, where the lecture will begin with channel characteristics, followed by design considerations and transceiver implementation examples. For the wired/fabric based BAN, we will cover several flexible platforms that enable BAN, and discuss what and how circuit designers should consider such non-conventional environments. Low energy circuit techniques to overcome their limitations will also be discussed. We will then will review their various system aspects. 

Cliquez et abonnez vous aux BEE Talks sur

 Slide Com Yoo 29th october


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