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Soutenance de thèse Joseph Youssef - 21 décembre 2017

Joseph YOUSSEF soutiendra sa thèse intitulée "DEVELOPING AN ENTERPRISE OPERATING SYSTEM FOR THE MONITORING AND CONTROL OF ENTERPRISE OPERATIONS", jeudi 21 décembre à 9:30 dans l'amphit JP. DOM du Laboratoire IMS.


Operating System (OS) is a well-known concept in computer science as an interface between human and computer hardware (MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android,…). In the perspective of developing future generation of enterprise systems based on IoT and Cyber-Physical System principles, this doctorate research proposes to develop an Enterprise Operating System (EOS); Unlike ERP, which is defined as a platform that allows the organization at the operational level to use a system of integrated applications in order to automate many back office functions related to technology and services, EOS will act as an interface between enterprise business managers and enterprise resources for real time monitoring and control of enterprise operations.

The thesis presents at first the context, priorities, challenges and expected results. Then a set of requirements and functionalities of EOS is described. After that, a survey on existing relevant works is given and mapped to the specified requirements related to EOS. Afterwards, and based on the requirements and state-of-the-art results, the EOS conceptual, technical and implementation architectures are outlined including all internal and external components. The last part draws two examples in the banking and manufacturing sectors to illustrate the use of the EOS.

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