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[BEE BRANCH] Conférence Pr Yutaka Hirata (Chubu University-Japon))

La branche étudiante IEEE de Bordeaux (BEE Branch) accueille le Professeur Yutaka Hirata, Mercredi 17 Juillet 2019 à 10H00,  au Laboratoire IMS dans l’Amphi JP DOM.

Le Prof. Yutaka Hirata abordera le thème "Adaptative oculomotor control in fish and humans".


Why do we and other animals move the eyes? This lecture starts from this fundamental question, and introduces a series of our studies on adaptive oculomotor control in fish and humans. Those include 1) predictive eye movement and a role of the cerebellum in its acquisition and maintenance, 2) realistic artificial cerebellum used for adaptive robot control, 3) the vestibulo-ocular reflex and vergence eye movement as predictors of sleepiness, 4) oculomotor integrator adaptation promoted under hyper-gravity, 5) oculo-feedback of microsaccades to enhance your attentional state.

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