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GPU EnvironnementS


The environment in his broader sense is the most complex sytem. All innovation, creation or human intervention have to find his place in it.

 Today more than ever, integration of new system needs, since the research step, to deeply include their futur environment. This inclusion is declined in differents aspects  which have as sense as it can be assign to the polysemous word "environment".

At the same time multi-scale and transcersal, this thematic is a fertility source for the IMS. The GPU EnvironmentS federate his researchers behind projects highly transdisciplinary and permit to exploit the maximal potential of research in the laboratory.

From the implementation of  innovative molecular scale structured materials, to economic and socials behaviours studies, to componant or system sustainability and energy management, all in a eco-efficient procedure, the notion environment intervening in all level.

environments diversity

Multiple declinations of environmental notion within the framework of this Big United Project. We identify  in particular :

  • Environmental protection
    Defined as a major development axis on mondial scale, environment issue is a thematic highly focus on futur, federating around itself many actors (manufacturers, institutional,..) and generating an activity in constant growth
  • Cost effective management of ressources
    These ressources energetic or materials, raw materials or technicals componant, optimisation of management of ressources is a development key factor in all level. All kind of ressources are in general in limited quantity, this axis of research is fully integrated in current issues
  • Operating environment
    The inclusion of the operating context of compoant and system require skills higly present in the IMS laboratory. On board system, fields sensors, reliabilty issues are example illustrating this aspect of this GPU
  • Social and societal environment
    Study of the implementation context of a system in a social system, of his impact on his human and organisational environment, the use of intelligents devices in an organisation,  refer to knowledge and expertise present in the IMS laboratory and all technical skills which are represented can be covered in it.

These definitions constitute majors actions areas of the GPU EnvironmentS. Labelled projects GPU EnvironmentS can be on one or more on thes dimensions.


The management of the GPU EnvironmentS is assured with 4 thematic working groups iinteraction. Those four sub-projects are complementary and pursue to regroup skills needed to realise research projects concernig this GPU, faciliting synergy between researchers which reconize tehmselves in those themes.

  • WP 1 : Societal environment
    Studying the impact and interactions between technology and society, this thematic constitute the antropocentric element inherent question of environment. From product lifecycle study, to social system sudty, to the inclusion of users' needs, this sub-project deal with "high level" projects from GPU EnvironmentS
  • WP 2 : Sustainable TIC
    Information and communication technology sector present a historic growth during last decades. This very quick development was made above environmental and sustainable reasons. This work group will be committed to TIC related study, with the challenge to make them more sustainable, both from the point of view of fabrication process (eco-conception) and as their applications (monitoring of environmental variables, intellignet sensors,...)
  • WP 3 : Operational environment of electronics componant and system
    Impact of working environment on some system or componant intended to be deployed in rugged environment represent the third element of study in the GPU EnvironmentS. He regroup question related to vibration and aging, and effect related to specific temperature, radiation, pressure, exposition to a chimical or biologically active environment, and more broadly all questions related to relaibility of system and componants
  • WP 4 : Energy
  • The study of management of energy, his production or his recovery, his use, and in all scale of power, is the last axis of research in this GPU. Present in a majority of systems, on board or stationary, energy as a limited ressource justify studies in termes of quantificationof needs and optimisation

Animation scientifique interne à l’IMS

  • Café GPU

Moments d’animations et d’échanges informels, bimestriels, organisés en commun avec le GPU SIS

  • Séminaires

Journée GPU EnvironnementS

Journée d'échanges autour de conférences invitées et posters, abordant les 4 thématiques du GPU EnvironnementS, 29 juin 2017 ([CD1] ):

  • Environnement sociétal
  • Eco-TIC ou TIC durables
  • Environnement opérationnel des composants et systèmes électroniques
  • Energies

Valorisation extérieure

  • Présentation du GPU

Le GPU est régulièrement présenté à l’occasion de nombreuses visites extérieures (séminaires invités, visites d’entreprises, etc.).

Labélisation et soutien par le GPU EnvironnementS

Labellisation des Sujets de Thèse

Identification des sujets "stars", sourcesd'innovation - soutien au montage de projet(s)

Cartographie des projets et compétences


IMS Challenge CUBE 2020 (EnvironmentS / IoT) Labos 1point5        


IMS Researchers' short profiles Examples of projects related to the GPU EnvironmentS Energy efficient RF communication architectures Ultrasensitive acoustic platform for gas and bio-sensing applications BIPBIP: Tool block and Precision Imaging for Early Intra-Rank Hoeing Stability of organic photovoltaic devices
Environmental monitoring by microwave spatial remote sensing Quantitative discrimination of binary mixtures with a MEMS rsonator by measuring their mass density and viscosity Screen-printed antilever-based VOCs sensors with mesoporous silica sensitive coating      


Projet CLAQH : Perception et comportements face aux risques de la contamination au mercure des lacs Aquitain Architecture de communication RF sobres énergétiquement Le suive de l'Environnement par télédétection spatiale micro-ondes Module de Récupération d'énergie RF sur subtrat souple Wave-based Resonant Microsensors for Environmental and Health related Detection Applications Design and characterization of polymer-based photonic integrated circuits operating in the visible region for environmental detection application
Internet of Food and Farming Microwave-based microsensor printed on film for the monitoring of environmental or health-related chemical compounds        

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