Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

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Big United Projects

Ims laboratory is a multidisciplinary structure, it means, it group many scientists specialities. In order to exploit this very high potential synergy between those specialities have to be facilitated to be recognised et beneficial for our society. The intitut's scientific policy is set considering all the research's actors, keeping a consistency beween laboratory's activity and today's issues.

The establishment of 4 big united projects materialize this strategy articulating a part of the research aurond four cross-cutting theme identify as high potential for the next years in regional, national and international level, in particular in the european level. Deliberately transdisplinary, those projects are intended to federate resaerch teams to emerge studies from new skills combination. By this transcersality, they are set up to became bearers of innovation.

Big united projects bring into play all kind of scientists skills. The general thematics kept are :

  • Environments (Environnements)
  • Connectivity (CONNECT +)
  • Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  • Innovative Health System (SIS)

Those four big united projects, substantially interconnected, constitute priviliged development axis in the laboratory in order to enrich original activity.


They form the base of the unity's scientist policy for the current five-year plan. Each are organised in sub project, in a clarified cut in corresponding sections. Each big united projects are under the responsibility of a pilot, possibly helped by a co-pilot and a technical committee constituted on the one hand with sub-projects managers, which accomodate the big united project, and on the other hand with staff big united project.

Every year, the big united project is evaluated by the scientist committee, based on factuals indicators (scientist productions, number of projects deposed, in particular H2020 projects, number of projects keeping, scientist radiation). Goals (indicators based) are fixed by the scientist committee and adapted means are applied (priority on grant awarding for thesis scholarship, jobs, financial support,etc.).