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Full paper Submission to the RADECS proceedings and to IEEE TNS

  • Step 1: an unrevised version of the full paper, submitted as a PDF file no later than September 14th, will be made available on a USB Flash drive, which will be distributed at the beginning of the conference. For more details, click on Preprint Submission .

  • Step 2: the RADECS 2012 papers, including the Data Workshop papers, will be edited in the IEEE Conference Proceedings, with a universal Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and ISBN/ISSN. These papers must be mandatorily compliant with IEEE editorial rules, quality standards, styles and formats. After an editorial screening of compliance with these rules, the paper will be available through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library (section of the Conference Records). An IEEE copyright form is necessary and must accompany the PDF file of the final paper, which will be submitted no later than September 28th. For more details, pdf-compliant process, copyright files and IEEE styles and format, click on RADECS 2012 Proceedings .

  • Additionally, papers presented at RADECS 2012, except Data Workshop papers, may be candidates for publication after a peer-review in the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (RADECS 2012 Special Issue, Selected Papers). For these papers, candidate authors themselves must submit the PDF file of the full paper on the specific T-NS portal no later than September 28th. For more details, click on IEEE TNS Special Issue .

Please note that the same PDF file can be submitted for the Preprint Submission, RADECS 2012 Proceedings and IEEE TNS Special Issue. Then, it cannot be longer than 8 pages and must be checked using the PDF-Express tool (

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